Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Commander Who Has Never Been To Battle

There was a time when leaders became leaders because of their heroics, their prowess on the battlefield. The most respected leaders were those who fought alongside their troops, suffered the same defeats and overcame the same obstacles.
In these times however, choosing leaders based upon their ability to, er, lead, seems foreign. So long as a monkey gets a legacy degree from Harvard, has the correct ancestral lineage and is willing to do the bidding of the business interests, he can become president of the United States. And has.
Our Chimperor outdid himself yesterday, illustrating the depths of his ignorance, stupidity and overall refusal to grasp reality. Asked by an ABC reporter whether he thought Iraq was roiled by civil war, Bush offered this gem that sums up his entire presidency -
It's hard for me living in this beautiful White House to give you an assessment, a first hand assessment. I haven't been there. You have, I haven't. But I do talk to people who are and people whose judgment I trust and they would not qualify it as that. There are others who think it is.

A so-called commander-in-chief who has not seen the battlefield; a so-called commander-in-chief who does not use his own brain, but relies on the judgment of others; a so-called commander-in-chief who cannot provide a first hand assessment of those things for which he is asking his people to sacrifice their lives, security and money.

Leaders now are chosen not because of their actions, but by the appeal of their hollow, meaningless words; not by their ability to lead but by their ability to follow others; not by their ability to understand the world around them, but by their stubborn refusal to learn. History tells us that these are the trademark characteristics of every boy king who singlehandedly destroyed the empire he inherited. And we are seeing it yet again in our commander who has never been to battle.


At 10:20 AM, February 15, 2007 , Blogger skip sievert said...

Good portrait of the current leader.
Most likely it will be the portrait of the next leader as well, whether that is Clinton or Obama , or Romney etc.
United States society ceased being creative a while back.
Deeply slumbering citizens might awaken.?
Only if things get tough.
Social change happens in direct proportion to the back of the stomach, approaching the front of the spine.
In the meantime as much money as is possible to make, will be made. A pointless endeavor.

At 1:53 PM, February 16, 2007 , Blogger Reign of Reason said...

And he doesn't even realize -- even while saying the words -- that he is unqualified to lead the most powerful nation on earth.

We need to hang on for a few more years... then maybe we can start repairing our foreign policy, our image and our economy -- and lastly, our way of life.

At 3:42 PM, February 16, 2007 , Blogger mrsleep said...

he ain't fit to manage my neighborhood dairy queen

At 6:56 PM, February 17, 2007 , Blogger Stalin the Shark said...

You know what's really scary? The dude actually has been to Iraq. He just forgot that he was there in 2003 waving around that plastic turkey.

So yeah, that's pretty scary.

:-), StS

At 11:56 AM, February 19, 2007 , Blogger TechGirl said...

Chimpy is definitely the stereotype "spoiled brat kid" that guts the family business.

His worshippers, of course, worship him for no logical reason at all-this almost seems to me like "revenge of the stupid." The hatemongering morons in our society are delighted that one of THEIRS is destroying a country that they all, to a person, despise. The Chimpleton core is comprised of a bunch of babies-and anybody who has ever seen an angry baby knows that they will lash out at anything and everything, including themselves and their own possessions.

At 11:50 AM, March 06, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You criticize him for not giving his own assessment because he hasn't “been on the battlfefield”, and he has to rely on the judgment of others. So are you saying that if you were in charge, and had to make some decision on Iraq, that you would go to Baghdad for a few days to form your own opinion, and not rely on anyone else’s assessments, who perhaps may have been on the battlefield for 3+ years?? Wow, pretty scary!! Also, in reading your many blogs on the subject, you sure have given plenty of assessments of your own. I guess you've been in Baghdad in the last three years? How was it? Tell us more please. Or are you also relying on others (mainly the media) for their assessments. Not saying that his opinions, or yours are the correct ones, just saying that you’re presenting an argument that has no merit.

At 6:23 PM, March 08, 2007 , Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...


Whoever you are. The point of my argument, that you seemed to miss, is that a leader should have the lay of the land. How can one call himself a leader and be too chickenshit to even go see what it is that he is asking others to pay for and die for? Please tell me.

Your feeble attempt to insult me notwithstanding, what I would do in that situation is utterly irrelevant to the point of the post - the grand cowardice of our cowardly leader.

Of course, any leader will rely on others to assist him with decisions, but completely substituting the judgments of others for his own on such an important matter only confirms his lack of qualification to be a leader. Leaders lead, they don't follow. Do you disagree?

I suppose if you think it is okay for Bush not to know what's going on in Iraq, you believed it was okay for Bernie Ebbers and Ken Ley to not know what was going on with the books of their companies.

Do you think it's okay for a guy who has never been to Baghdad to ask Americans to send their kids to die ther? Do you think it's credible for a leader to say "we're making progress in Iraq" when he's too chickenshit to see if that is true or not? At what point is there a failure of leadership in your eyes?

I look forward to a reasoned/intelligent response from you if you've got it in you. Otherwise, spare me the juvenile insults. They are the province of 5-year-old mentally retarded kids.

At 3:51 PM, March 27, 2007 , Blogger d nova said...

i dunno if he 4got his quick visit bcuz he drank so much or bcuz one o his imperson8ors made the trip, but strictly speaking u don' need 2 go thr 2 'assess' it. only a fool wd claim we have a realistic chance 2 win.

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