Friday, April 13, 2007

The Gypsy Media

Another stunning example of the unceasing guillibility of Americans is the media shell game over Don Imus and his half-brained antics. Let us recap the past week's events and see what lessons jump out -

1. Don Imus calls the Rutgers women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy headed hos".
2. CBS and NBC, with the other media propagandists in tow, in choosing what to present and call "news", decide to make the comments front page news. Perhaps it was an attempt to drum up ratings for the juvenile, Animal house throwback or a purposeful way to distract the American sheeple from real news like war and the bankruptcy of subprime lenders. Either way, we would not have known about it if they did not shove it in our faces.
3. The story wouldn't be complete without the antagonists, however, so in come Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, neither of whom would be remotely relevant or even known if the corporate propaganda machine didn't appoint them as spokespeople for the Black community (irrespective of what the Black community happens to think about that). Each gets his two minutes of fame and is presented to White America as the example of what all Black people in America think. With minimal effort, the media have reinforced division of the races. Divide and conquer works like a charm every time.
4. MSNBC, followed by CBS, drops Imus. Front page news again.
5. The conclusion is that pressure from Sharpton and Jackson left Les Moonves at CBS no option but to fire Imus. Those who have worked with Les Moonves, who is known in the television industry as a tyrant, find this suggestion more than laughable. Sharpton and Jackson do not dictate terms to Moonves. It's the other way around my friends.
6. The "free speech" crowd gets mad because the p.c. movement (code name for Black people) allegedly instituted thought control on America and debate this non-issue vigorously. Not a peep about thought control when the Israeli lobby effectively shut down discussion on the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty or the pressure put on the Polish consulate to deny an audience to a Jewish scholar who dared discuss the Lobby. Appalling silence from the "free speech" crowd when Phil Donahue was fired from MSNBC because he refused to act as a mere stenographer for the White House when discussing the war. How about the conspicuous absence of any presidential candidates besides those carefully screened and approved by the corporate media? Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul anyone?

In the meantime, with the populace thoroughly enthralled with the important, crucial national debate over whether rappers' use of the term "hos" excuses Imus' diarrhea of the mouth, the Toddler In Chief is still threatening to play cowboys and Indians in Iran, the contestants on Presidential Idol unanimously agree with Bush and the neofascists that the use of nuclear weapons to stop the making of a nuclear weapon will save the world from chaos, the resistance has penetrated the Green Zone in Baghdad, subprime lenders are going bankrupt and the price of gold is on the rise again.

The gypsy pick-pockets who roam the streets of Rome and St. Petersburg have well-known, tried and tested, tactics for stealing the wallet right out of your pocket. One group is sent across the street to create a commotion and, while the suckers are engrossed in the action, the second group stealthily creeps from behind, snatches wallets and cameras and surreptitiously departs without anyone realizing they were there. Likewise, when the media create a distraction over the paternity of the daughter of a cheap, $2 whore and the job status of a 60-year-old who has the intelligence and maturity of a 15-year-old, you better watch your wallets because the pick-pockets are distracting you.


At 2:11 PM, April 13, 2007 , Blogger skip sievert said...

Yes, and your right there in the thick of them. Another victim and more tormentors.
Hello Suckers.
Stop being a victim of the Price System.

At 11:35 AM, April 14, 2007 , Blogger Jeffrey said...

Wow, way to put it down!

I think my favorite media distraction was when they brought the supposed Jon Benet Ramsey killer from the some island in the Pacific (I forget where exactly), parade him in front of the cameras, and then send him home after all the charges were dismissed, all in an effort to cover up the domestic spying scandal between the NSA and AT&T.

At 11:45 AM, April 14, 2007 , Blogger Jeffrey said...


At 9:34 AM, April 15, 2007 , Blogger Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I agree with you. These Imus comments point to some things that are fundamentally wrong with America and, while we are discussing Imus, Bush is preparing to wage nuclear war with Iran.

Today at my blog, on this sixtieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in Major League Baseball, I published an article entitled "The Enduring Importance of Firsts," making an argument that breaking into new areas that were once off-limits to us is an important part of securing our place in America and establishing ourselves as equals.

I first published this article at DailyKos with the title "Ending the White Male Monopoly of the Presidency," and I was banned from participation at DailyKos a few days later.

At 3:48 PM, April 16, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when I went to Spain as a teen, everyone was like "Look out for the Gypsies." I thought they were like Boogiemen or something. "Roma," they are called; and rest assured that each one of them acts a fool. I was at the cleaners here in LA a few months back. The man that owns the cleaners is a cool Persian cat. Other than the fact that he's always talking about how hot my is, he'a alright with me. So I'm at the cleaners and this guy pulls up in a car arguing with his woman. They start to tussle and he smacks her across the face. So I, being who I be, consider trying to calm this dude down. The Persian cat says to be, "J, don't bother, they are Gypsies. They fight all day long." Gypsies have survived for centuries as total outlaws.

More to the point, the Imus thing was a hugely overblown, but I must confess to being interested in the the whole spectacle. I couldn't believe it was on the front page of the NYT. But, then again, Judy Miller was the lead WMD columnist for that paper, so why should I be surprised? Essentially, televsion is like a blog now. It's fast paced and people call and email in to Anderson Cooper on CNN.

The problem is that we are still surprised by the things the news covers.

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