Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cool Quote

Lou Dobbs, in a rare moment of intelligence from the brainless sycophants in American media, had something insightful to say -

America really is a nation, but you couldn't convince those who lead the Democratic and Republican Parties of that. Both parties now see America as nothing more than an economy, a marketplace, and not a sovereign nation. They don't see you and me as citizens of this great nation; they see us as units of labor, consumers and taxpayers.


At 10:39 AM, November 01, 2006 , Blogger skip sievert said...

Brilliant Lou , and although I don`t watch him except for mostly accidentally and rarely , or maybe hear him on the radio once in a great while, he seems to honestly care about the American people.

He appears to me to be one of the few of any commenter's, that is attempting to cleverly say something a little truthful.

At 10:58 AM, November 01, 2006 , Blogger bombsoverbaghdad said...

Hmmm. I would say that it's really American businesses that see us that way. The political parties see us as units to be divided, taught, then distracted.

At 12:09 PM, November 01, 2006 , Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...

Yeah, but the political parties are essentially the front men for the businesses. That's why the fundamentals will never change, regardless of which party is in power.

At 2:55 PM, November 01, 2006 , Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

And, you don't think lawyers have a hand in this either??
Given, some business men have law degrees? Or, they have law expertise?
What RICH filthy business man DOESN"T have a RICH lawyer in his/her hip pocket? Matter of fact, those same business's probably have LOADS of lawyers working for them.

Ah-huh.........if you're going to spread the wealth around, of how screwed up this country is.....spread it ALL around.

From business power broker, to lawyer, to politician to the lowly bum on the streeet, we ALL have had a hand in ( supposedly ) screwing up this nation.
As you folks call it.

At 5:42 PM, November 01, 2006 , Blogger skip sievert said...

Right you are Iranajoy and that speaks to the issue of how to change it.
That means unless the rules of the Game are changed , it will do no good to moralize and preach for change if people are rewarded for bad behaviour.

The Insurgent says that the politicos are the front men for the corporatocracy and this is true along with the religious flunkies.
In this unfortunate system which really belongs to the horse and buggy era we are all stuck doing things that are not vital or life enhancing but humiliating and dehumanizing to make money and uphold this oddball culture that thrives on class warfare and pointless work.
Change is possible.

At 10:50 AM, November 02, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 8:50 AM, November 03, 2006 , Anonymous Denmark Vesey said...

Well, Lou, the “parties” are right. America is no longer a sovereign nation.

Our nation was hijacked long ago. It’s citizens were lulled to sleep with cheap material goods manufactured in China, sedated with prescription drugs made in America and seduced with low interest loans of paper money on brick houses.

Any talk of nation, elections, and parties is purely a masturbatory exercise in nostalgia.

“A consciousness of wrongdoing is the first step to salvation…you have to catch yourself doing it before you can correct it.” Seneca

At 9:22 AM, November 03, 2006 , Blogger skip sievert said...

Very cool Denmark , I like your style.

At 10:13 AM, November 06, 2006 , Blogger Reign of Reason said...

That is a great quote -- and right on the mark.

We're viewed as the tools of the corporations.

At 5:13 PM, November 09, 2006 , Blogger Free Agency Rules said...


It appears we are all on the same page here when it comes to worshiping at the alter of "Materialism."

It reminds me of the main theme I got the first time I read the Bible from cover-to-cover which was that through the 4000 years that the bible covers, the "Cycle of Life" theme kept appearing.....

Poverty to Wealth to Apathy to War to Destruction.

People are poor and humble. They work to become wealthy. They become full of themselves and proud of their status. Then wars happen. And then they loose almost everything and become humble again.

Maybe we are in for a "lesson in humility" by almost loosing everything?


At 12:37 PM, November 10, 2006 , Blogger Intellectual Insurgent said...

That is a very Americentric position though. It is just the western countries who suffer from arrogance. Many of the nations of the southern hemisphere just suffer.

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